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Controlling Your Environment

Here are some factors to consider when making your home safe, comfortable, and efficient:

Planning Ahead
93% of heating purchases are made on an emergency basis, leading to limited choices and decisions based on immediate need and limited time, rather than on properly fitted equipment, personal preferences, and budget. Planning ahead allows consumers to perform due diligence in selecting a reputable contractor and heating system that best fits their needs.

Select the Right Contractor
Always verify with the CCB ( to ensure that the contractor is in good standing with the state. Confirm they have all the proper types and levels of insurance and check that they do not have any unresolved disputes or violations. Request from your HVAC contractor all certifications specific to the equipment they recommend. Choose a contractor that has been factory-trained and certified for the products and services they offer.

Ask your contractor for information on all available incentives and tax credits. Contractors affiliated with the Energy Trust of Oregon and Avista Utilities will know what is available and which equipment qualifies. Most tax credit programs require the contractor to hold specific certifications to apply.

Big Picture
A home both uses energy and loses energy. Be aware of the cost to produce heat for your home as well as the cost of escaping heat. Heating and weatherization go hand in hand to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Selecting a Heating System
43% of a home’s energy costs come from the heating system. Consider the return on investment when choosing a system, comparing the cost of purchase to operating costs. Often, the most efficient system will offer the quickest payback. Ask your contractor to provide projections.

Other Considerations
Comfort, safety, reliability, and warranty are also important factors in making your decision. Your home is where you and your family spend most of your time, and having a safe, healthy, and efficient indoor environment is crucial. Planning ahead and “Controlling Your Environment” will lead you to the right fit and decision for your home, family, comfort, and budget.

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