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Is your home heating and cooling system a DIY project?

There are some key factors to consider when deciding if a home improvement project is better left to the professionals.

The ability and skill level of the individual is the main factor. Can the work be done
safely and properly? Will it void the warranty?


This is first and formost. Home heating systems use electricity, natural
gas, propane, refrigerant. Professionals are specifically trained and certified to work with these products in a safe manner. The risk of fire, carbon monoxide, electrical shock, have dire consequences if done incorrectly.


All equipment manufactures track there equipment through the
serial number. If a product is not purchased through a manufacture approved supply chain the product will have no warranty coverage And if it is proven the installation is not professionally installed all the liability falls on the homeowner.

Permit/inspection: When a home heating system is installed a permit must be
applied for and an inspection performed before the system can be turned on. Many utilities will not start service without this. The building inspector will inspect to verify the job was installed to code. If a permit is not drawn you may have issues down the road when selling the home or if you need to make insurance claims.


A professional heating and air-conditioning contractor will have the knowledge and training to design the system for your home. Sizing of the system as well as ducting and other factors are critical to proper system performance. A professional will most likely be certified from the manufacture to insure that the
system designed for the home will work as advertised. Specific knowledge is the key here. Professional hvac contractors have years of experience and training under there belt to best serve your comfort needs. Professionals have the special tools required for proper installation and a full lifespan of the equipment.
Service: Maintenance and repair will be a necessity in the life span of your equipment. A professional hvac contractor will have the knowledge, tools, and skill to service the equipment to provide years of safe operation.

The risk does not out way the reward of designing and installing a home HVAC system as a DIY project.
Your home heating and air conditioning system design, installation is best left to the professionals.
When selecting a professional make sure to check there license status. This can be done by going to Also ask about specific manufacture training and certification on the products there are proposing.